Welcome to The C-Nic Route

…(where choosing the scenic route in life shouldn’t be an option!)

Hello & Welcome! I’m so glad you popped in!

Thank you for joining me as I try and make, even just a small impact, in this humungous world we live in! I’m so glad that you’ll join me on my journey.

My name is Cindy! I’m a wife and also a mom to a beautiful six-year-old little girl. I’m a published poet, aspiring children’s book author and enjoy seeing others thrive and helping them reach their goals.

My desire is to see people live their best life and find happiness in what they do each day by helping them make choices that feed their soul.

You are here for a purpose…and sometimes you need a little help along the way.

Our recent move from SA to the UK and the transition from full-time, very driven career woman to full-time mom and entrepreneur has not always been easy and even though it’s been filled with many butterflies-in-the-tummy moments – it has still resulted in many exciting new adventures.

So, while I’m extremely busy juggling my own life, I try to live my life by my slogan:

‘When you touch one life, you change their world.’

My Journey

I started my blogging journey a few years ago when I was desperate to start building my own brand. I had owned my own business before and worked for employers – but I knew where my heart was – it was always being an entrepreneur. At the time however I was working at a monthly magazine full-time and trying to build multiple small side businesses.

When I finally became pregnant after 4 and a bit years which included the harsh reality of a miscarriage, I decided that something had to give. I definitely couldn’t wait for my baby to arrive, but also couldn’t give up my income just yet, so all those side hustles, including my blog had to take the back seat.

Fast forward six years and my family and I have moved continents and started our new life in beautiful England, or as my little girl used to call it, Penguin. 🙂 

I’ve started my blog up again, started a VA business and joined a global organisation that believes that every child should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential – No matter how dismal their circumstances. They’re determined to change it! Joining this company has given me the opportunity to give back again.

I believe that when you positively impact the life of just one person around you, you can change the world around them.  Regardless of how insignificant your impact may seem to you…it may mean the world to them.

Do reach out if you want to connect – I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s to living authentically you!

Cindy Nicolson

Email: cindy@cindynicolson.com
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