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Cultivating a heart of thankfulness

Our family went on a road-trip to Edinburgh, Scotland some time ago and I remember marvelling at the natural beauty that the United Kingdom had to offer. The lush green forests, the most stunning lakes and rivers in the Lake District, farm animals along the road (and in the road), mountainous/hilly terrain along the way and to top it all, we just had the best weather.

It made me think of how easy it was to live our lives in the memories of ‘holiday-bliss’. Everything is always better when we’re on vacation, away from home. Life is great when we’re on a beach vacation, in the middle of nature when camping, the kids are having fun going down the zip-line in a forest or enjoying splashing in a pool.

In fact, if you’ve ever enjoyed any kind of holiday, you can lose yourself in the memories you created.

As we were driving, I was so taken aback by the beauty that surrounded me and it made me realise just how much I had to be grateful for right at home - in those very mundane and routine moments that I lived every day.

I am so blessed to have been born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa with mountains towering into the ocean. I had the Winelands to drive through on my way to work and sandy beaches with sunny skies for weekends. Now, we live in a very green and lush village of Surrey in England with tall tree-canopies providing shade on summer walks and a covering when it’s raining on our walk home from school along the canal. Sounds quite idyllic doesn’t it? Yet, it's easy to forget that this is where God placed me. And here is where His blessings surround me.

It’s so easy to think we have it all when we’re away and we’ve put away the stress of the school run, work and the day-to-day rush of normal life. But if we took half the time to recognise God’s faithfulness when things are falling apart around us as we do when we’re on holiday, we would realise just how faithful He is in providing us with goodness and mercy everyday. 

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Here are a few opportunities to give God thanks and praise

  • Take time to take a deep breath and appreciate that you’re alive. It wasn’t too long ago that we couldn’t go outside without breathing into a mask!!
  • Thank God for giving you the strength to get through your day when the kids have been really difficult and severely testing your patience.
  • Show your appreciation when your hubby decided to cook dinner or suggested you get take-out when you’ve had a particularly challenging day. 
  • When money is tight, the fact that you have a roof over your head and food to eat is a blessing when you watch the news and see how many families have lost everything due to circumstances outside of their control, like fires or floods.
  • I know nine people who have passed away in the last year and a half. Their families are still grieving because they miss them so much. Right now, take time to give God thanks for your and your family’s health.
  • Call up a friend who is there for you when you need them most. Thank them for their friendship, generosity and faithfulness in praying for you.
  • Above all, shout out your thanks and praise that Jesus CHOSE to go to the cross for your healing and shed His blood to forgive you, your sins. He did that for you! 
  • Thank God that you are Loved by Him. You have been Chosen and Redeemed.


Print and read them regularly to reignite your heart to be thankful for who God is.

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