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Change only happens when we're brave enoughto take the first step towards it.

Your future can look very different a month, a year and even 10 years from now if you give yourself permission to embrace all that God has for you.

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Discover your Identity in Christ.

Have you ever felt a disconnect between where you are now and where you believe you were meant to be in life?

Do you find yourself facing challenges that seem overwhelming, and you're unsure of how to navigate them in alignment with your faith and purpose?

Are you ready to rediscover your true identity in Christ and uncover the unique path He has planned for you?

Life coaching can help bridge that gap, empower you with strategies rooted in faith and offer a personalised journey, providing guidance and support to align your current circumstances with the purpose that God has uniquely designed for you.

Overcome Limiting beliefs & Self-sabotaging behaviour & thoughts.

Are you tired of being held back by limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts? Are you ready to break free and step into a future where your faith and purpose guide you, rather than having your thoughts hinder you?

When you discover your identity in Christ, you'll discover freedom. Commit to yourself today that you'll stop being loyal to your own hurt. Take your confidence back and give yourself permission to start dreaming again.

Discover how life coaching can help you reprogram your mind with the Word of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit, and learn to see yourself the way God does.

Start Dreaming Again!

Has the daily mundane routine of life caused you to stop dreaming and working towards goals? Do you find yourself reflecting on the passions and purpose you once held so close when you were younger? 

Has life left you feeling exhausted, disconnected without a clear picture of who you are and what you are meant to do with the rest of your life? 

Whether your a committed mom, a career-driven woman or an entrepreneur, co-creative life coaching can help you reclaim the vibrant, purposeful life you've always imagined for yourself and can help you to start dreaming again.

Set Career Goals or Finally Launch your Business!

Feeling stuck in your career or don't know what the next step is to launching or growing your business?

Co-Creative life coaching can help you discover clarity about your next steps and set achievable goals to help launch you into your new future!

What people are saying

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Cindy has been used by God in mighty ways in my current season of life. She has helped me trust the leading of the Holy Spirit, encouraged me in my walk with God in so many ways. Cindy is warm, inviting and supportive. I can’t wait to continue the journey I’m in with her and God because I can see the progress I’m making even after only three calls.

I’ve been blessed and it was great because I went in not knowing what to expect and God just knew who and what I needed for this season and he used Cindy to really encourage me along. Thank you !

— C.D - Homeschooling Mom - Australia

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My coaching experience with Cindy enabled me to feel relaxed so I was able to open up to her. I also noticed that she was able to draw out my passion. She has a warm and welcoming coaching style that allows you to be yourself and motivates you to talk freely. As I was talking to Cindy, ideas came floating my way that seemed simple to put into action. I have taken small steps from our coaching session and can already see improvements.

I would recommend this coaching to anyone who wants to find their true purpose and impact

Others.  Cindy does this out of her love for God to make a difference and this truly shows.

— TS - Entrepreneur - UK

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An excellent coach! You made me feel at ease and comfortable and helped me find what was already inside of me. I loved how you brought God into the session which just opened up so much more of His plans for my life. I will gladly recommend others get in touch with you.

— JA - Entrepreneur - Sweden

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S.R.I - South Africa

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