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Grace cost something

I've so often heard people say: 'We live under grace' almost as if it's okay to keep living the way they do.

Nothing in their lives change.

They keep going to the same places.

They keep doing the same things.

They spend time with the same people.

Their lives don’t change in anyway. 

Many of them still go to church, every Sunday and they come out, just the same. 

It's just another tick-box. ✅

I've gone to church. ✅

I’ve done my thing. ✅

I’ve spent time with Jesus. ✅

But while praise and worship was on, they stood with their hands in their pockets wondering whether they had done all they could to prepare for the visit with their friends that afternoon.

While the pastor preached his heart out - they wondered whether they were going to be able to pay the bills at the end of the month. 

Is this what grace paid for? 

Yes. We do live under grace, and thank goodness for God's mercy that gives us what we don't deserve (His salvation, healing, provision, promises and freedom and being called sons and daughters.)

This gift of mercy also with-holds what we do deserve (death and separation from God).

God's mercy gives us the opportunity to live under His grace.

Grace is not about us doing things to get into God's 'good books.' It's not about us doing anything to earn His love, grace or mercy.

But grace is also not an excuse not to change and grow.

Grace is not an easy way to avoid working on your relationship with God.

ip with God.

Grace is not an excuse to remain in the same place as you were 10 years ago. I'm not talking about your career, or your financial situation, your place in society or your education. Because grace doesn’t really care if you finally got your doctorate or not and grace isn’t reserved for people who become CEO of their company. 

I'm talking about your relationship with God.

  • Has your relationship with God deepened?
  • Have you started discovering what God has hidden for you in the secret place?
  • Have you started hearing His voice more clearly?
  • Have you made a commitment to put Him first in your life, to seek after Him and His presence?
  • Have you answered His call?

If your relationship with God is still in the same place it was 10 years ago, you're on the wrong path.

If your relationship with God is still in the same place, it’s time you paid attention to what is really important in your life. 

This life will one day come to an end. We will take our last breath here on earth and take our next breath either in heaven or hell. Let me tell you something. It is real. Whether you choose to believe it or not.

Yes, we live under grace and grace is a free gift - available to anyone who wants it. You just have to ask and surrender to the One who so freely gives it.

So regardless of where you find yourself today: Always remember, grace came at a cost. It cost Jesus. 

It cost Jesus his life. 

It cost Jesus his breath.

It cost Jesus a time of separation from the Father. 

It cost Jesus to take all your sin and my sin, upon Himself. 

It cost him death.

Grace. Cost. Something. 

Grace is worth it, regardless of whether you accept it or not. But today, make it count in your life. Because Jesus paid the price for you.