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Reconnecting with Family while Travelling

Ah, the sweet anticipation of holiday travel! The very thought of packing our bags, leaving behind the familiar, and embarking on a journey of discovery fills my heart with excitement. Our family loves a road trip. How about you? What’s your favourite holiday?

Ps. Now you also know one of the reasons this blog is called: The C-Nic Route (Scenic! Sweet isn’t it?)

If you’re anything like me, you’ll often find me at my desk, daydreaming about spending quality time with my loved ones, a chance to unwind, and a moment to appreciate the beauty of the world just outside these walls which surround me every day.  

Travel gives us the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories, connect with family rather than a screen, and helps us rejuvenate our souls. 

The value of spending time with family and friends on holiday is priceless. It’s so important to shut off from being on that daily hamster wheel and to just breathe and relax.


Finding meaningful moments to connect with our family can sometimes be challenging when we’re always running from one meeting to another and then all the after-school activities. Travel offers an escape from our routine, allowing us to just soak up the shared experiences and most of all, it helps us create cherished memories. 

Whether it's camping under the starry night sky, embarking on a road trip through picturesque landscapes, or simply enjoying the sand between your toes on a beach holiday, these moments spent together are not things you can ever exchange. It's things our children will remember when they're older and hopefully follow on with the traditions we create when they have children of their own. They give us time to deepen our relationships and create a strong sense of togetherness within our family.

And if you absolutely have to, it’s also so much easier to talk about the important stuff when everyone’s more relaxed don’t you think?

We live in a hyperconnected world and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to disconnect and give ourselves the chance to truly relax. Travel allows us to step away from our screens, and fully immerse ourselves in the present moment. By exploring new places, embracing different cultures, and engaging in activities that are so different from life through a screen, we give ourselves permission to unwind and rejuvenate. The freedom to let go of our everyday responsibilities and obligations is liberating, to say the least.

While this is not something we always think about, children become more creative when they’re relaxed. They tend to ask more questions when they’re well-rested and it creates a perfect learning opportunity if you’re visiting a place they’ve never been to, without them even realising it. “Mommy, why is that building leaning to its side? What happened?”  You may want to learn more about the Leaning Tower of Pisa yourself before you head out to Italy! 

There’s a spiritual side to resting that we often take for granted and often don’t even consider when planning our holidays. God wants us to rest and He wants to be part of that rest because He knows that when you do, it’s not just your body that heals, but your spirit and soul becomes refreshed. 

Remember to also always prioritise time to spend with God whilst you’re enjoying time with family. Making time for Him means that He will also draw near to you and give you what, deep down, you know you really need. His unlimited grace for the future!

Have a look at this beautiful 10-day Abiding in the shadow of the Most High Devotional Journal that I’ve put together, especially for you. Spend time reconnecting with the Father, pray the prayers over yourself and your family as you travel and don’t forget how incredibly loved you are by your Father in Heaven. 

As I finish off this reflection on the value of travel, family time, and relaxation, let's remember the immense benefits that these experiences bring into our lives. By prioritising time with our loved ones, disconnecting from the chaos of everyday life, and immersing ourselves in new experiences, we create a space for rejuvenation, growth, and joy. So, embrace the opportunity to explore, connect, and relax. Your epic summer adventure awaits!

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